Hello, everyone! My name is Joseph, and welcome to our blog site Filipino Recipes Guide!

Similar to many others who cook a lot, I do not have any formal training in the kitchen. My college degree is not in any way related to it. I am a BS Information Technology graduate. My territory is that of software, databases, and networking. I know my way through this stuff very well. I started working as a web developer in 2010, and I still do the same job until today. It is our bread and butter. And I love what I am doing. It gives me the opportunity to explore and learn new things every day. Every information I can find is gold, a treasure. My wife, who is helping me in creating videos of our recipes, is a teacher. 

In 2012, we ventured into the world of blogging, specifically food blogging. Since then, I have created different food blogs. With our love for food and the emerging popularity of blogging, this blog site was created. Well, sometimes it’s not about the formal training that you have but the passion that you pursue. We love cooking and as long as there is someone who wants to learn or we can share our recipe with, we will continue with this site. We will keep on posting our newfound recipe, even the ones we develop ourselves.

Being raised in the province, we have many viands that are not common in the city. With our recipes, we can still keep the atmosphere of home in our place. We can even share with the new generation the food that they might not be able to find in any fancy restaurant or fast food chain by creating this blog site. Our recipes also include those spin-off ones. When an ingredient is not available, we tend to substitute with what is easily accessible. Sometimes, it works. Sometimes, it doesn’t, but the taste remains great!

This blog was created in the midst of a global pandemic, the COVID 19 virus. Given that people are advised to stay at home this season, many are running out of ideas about what to cook next. Or there are some who are not used to cooking their own meals and forced to learn one or two recipes a day. Others are trying to reinvent what they learned from moms or what they like from a restaurant they eat at or ordered from. And we are not exempted from this. Sometimes we struggle with what to cook for the next meal. Hence, we came out with this idea of a blog that can help our fellow homeliners survive the every day war in the kitchen. We dedicate this blog to all these homeliners who are doing their best to present good food on the table. We hope to be a one-stop shop for all your recipe needs. From meat to vegetable and dessert recipes, we have them here!

Although you can find a lot of recipes and food blogs offering us a taste of their flavors, there are times that you can’t just find the taste that you want in a food. We have these distinct Filipino taste buds, they say. This site will give you the best-tasting dishes that you and your family will love! The recipes here will make you crave for your mom’s cooking or for your favorite restaurant’s dishes. Nevertheless, they will not just make you drool over them; they will let you know that you can make them from the comfort of your home. These dishes will bring you down the memory lane, reminding you of past experiences, and even allow you to create new memories! 

Our recipes are easy to do. Whether you are a newly wed who needs to learn how to cook because no fast food chain is open or a mom who wants to try new recipes, this recipe guide is for you. No need for another cookbook that just accumulates dust in the shelf. What you need is only a click away! Who knows? Our recipes may also inspire you to start a small business! Maybe after cooking a dish and the family loves it, the neighborhood may also want it! How is that? A simple but great dish turning into a business venture!

On this site, you will find a variety of recipes. We have meat recipes, which can be pork, chicken, or beef ones. We also have vegetable recipes, as well as sweets and desserts. And what is Filipino food if without kakanin? So we dedicate a page to it! There can be more pages to be added along the way for sure. We might also include tips and articles related to food in the future.

In addition to how the dish may taste like, our description for each recipe will be mainly a story or information about the food. Sometimes we just eat the dish without knowing how it came to be or how it started. Isn’t it interesting to know more details about the food you are eating? We will give you that as long as we can find information about it. Imagine when you become a little older than you are now and you cook food for your children or grandchildren, then they ask you about what you are cooking. If you happen to be using our recipe on this site and you read our description of it, then you can have answers to their questions. Or how about when you have visitors and you do not know how to start a conversation during dinner? Then you can share something about the food you prepared! So read on this and that information we might be including in each recipe. We will never know when it will come handy. You may also read about personal stories or memories attached to a dish in its description. Well, you also experienced that for sure. You eat something, and you can’t help but reminisce about the past. Yay! 

If you have explored our page, you probably noticed that we have videos from Pinoy Easy Recipes and Cooking Pinoy Youtube channels. Do not worry about that; we did not steal their videos. They are our partners here. Our official Youtube Channel Filipino Recipes Guide was just up and live this month. Please subscribe and be notified every time we have new recipes.

This site is not just about us; you also matter! So if there is a modification in the recipe that works for you, please feel free to let us know. You can do that in the comment section of each recipe. Help us in making this blog site as interactive as it can be! Let us have an exchange of ideas! 

Are you excited to explore this site? Go on! And please stay connected by subscribing to our email list. Enjoy and have a happy cooking time!