How to Cook HOMEMADE Puto Bao | No. 1 Kakanin sa Quezon Province | Quezon Delicacy | SOBRANG SARAP!

Puto Bao Quezon Delicacy Kakanin


● 2 cups of Glutinous Rice Flour

● 1 cup of Rice Flour

● 2 Dessicated coconut

● 1 tbsp of Food color (violet)

● 1 cups of Brown Sugar

● 1/2 cup of Water – Bukayo Filling

● 2 cups grated coconut

● 1 cup brown sugar

● 1cup coconut milk

Procedure For Bukayo Filling

1. In a preheated pan pour the coconut milk and boil.

2. While boiling add brown sugar stir well

3. Add grated coconut, continue stirring until sugar dissolved

4. Cook until the bukayo turns into a thick mixture.

5. Let it cool and set aside.

Puto Mixture

1. In a mixing bowl pour the glutinous flour, rice flour, and desiccated coconut. Mix well

2. Add the brown sugar, add the 1 tbsp. food coloring and water gradually then mix well until become dough.

3. Grate the puto mixture for good result of mixture

4. In a molder pour the ¼ of puto mixture.

5. Add bukayo filling in the middle.

6. Then pour additional puto mixture

7. Cover with banana leaves

8. Flip the molder into steamer

9. Steam for 30-45mins medium -heat.

10. Serve and Enjoy the Quezon Delicacy Kakanin



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